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What is FEEEL design? Durability, Utility, Beauty


We specialize in the fabrication of Metal & Glass Products along with an array of fine materials such as Wood, Composites, Lighting, Textiles, Electronics and more.


We strive to bring FEEELing to the design of your unique space! 


We devote all of our creativity, years of experience and passion in to the design process and fabrication of every single piece of work.


All of our designs are unique and are developed by designers from all over the globe for customers alike.

Canadian hand-made fabrication ensures the highest of quality and creates truly exclusive items.


A good interior should invoke a sense of feeling and emotion; at FEEEL it is our mission to provide that to you!

Whether its Functionality; Artistic Design; A Unique Furniture Piece or all of the above that you are seeking, FEEEL design is the answer for you!


Projects requiring customization & complexity are something that others fear and avoid; we pursue and invite them!

Our fabrication team is highly experienced and knowledgeable with all types of Metals and Fine Material collaborations.

Partnering with Designers, Artist, Architects, Creators and Creative Customers; we produce creations that are on a level of luxury and class that is unparalleled.

You can find our CUSTOM PROJECTS portfolio here.


We are honoured to present an exclusive product line to be available for reproduction for an experience of emotion by FEEEL design.

More information you can find in section emotion by FEEEL.

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