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Our team is always scouting for unusual, distinguished designs!


We invest our creativity, experience, and effort in the designing process. All of FEEEL furniture is proudly produced in Canada and is mostly handmade, which creates a possibility to sustain top quality and create truly exclusive items!


We have our own manufacturing in Ontario, Canada.


FEEEL furniture is a combination of unique design and high quality!


All our designs are exclusive and are developed by designers from all over the globe. Therefore, our furniture would be an outstanding addition to your interior by adding more brightness and creativity to it.

Many of our customers say that FEEEL furniture is the art furniture. And we love that statement, because it truly is!

FEEEL design is an exclusive distributor of CUBE 44 furniture in Canada and USA.

CUBE44 is a European manufacturer of designer furniture for modern life, private and public spaces. All the products are made with high-quality, natural and human-friendly materials from Europe.

Our products are made from raw European materials. Wood and metal of the highest quality pass all possible checks for environmental compliance. During the production process we use only natural oils and paints, so our furniture is safe for humans and the environment. Our furniture has quality certificates and is produced in our own well-equipped private manufacturing facility.

Our main style is loft and minimalism. We offer up to 12 shades of fabrics, 4 colours of wood and several metal colours.

The design of crafted furniture objects was awarded 11 times at the prestigious DESIGN INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 2016 / PARIS, FRANCE. CUBE44 furniture has been used in wide range of accommodations: residential, commercial and art spaces, show-rooms, bars and restaurants etc.


Main feature of CUBE44 furniture is balanced and up-to-date designer collections, that allows you to create harmonic interior atmosphere and match different pieces easily.

To date, the company’s own production line numbers about 100 models in collections and we continue to expand our portfolio.

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